Parents: For many years parents have trusted CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES to take their young people across the United States and overseas. If you have any questions about CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES please email us or call our office toll free at 1-800-481-SING (7464) and ask for the Talent Department.

1. I haven't had any formal training in voice or choreography. Will CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES consider me?

Absolutely! The sucess of our concerts and ministry as a whole is based on the tour members allowing Christ to work through them. Energy, enthusiam, motivation, integrity and hard work are the traits we are looking for. As long as you have the desire and some experience, voice and peformance skills can be built upon.

2. What is the criteria for selection?

Each tour group has specific position requirements that must be filled, therefore some positions are more competitive than others. All positions are filled on an audition/application process. Space limitations allow us to accept only 600 of the thousands that apply.

In order to participate you must:
~ Fit the age requirements of the group you are applying for.
~ Be in good mental, physical and spiritual health
~ Be capable of participating in and contributing to every aspect of the mission of CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES.

3. Are CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES tour members paid?

No. Tour members are not paid, but rather sent out as short-term missionaries, and responsible for raising their full sponsorship.

4. Where do we stay while on the road?

Host families and churches provide our housing and meals at each concert venue. More importantly those families include us in their lives and provide us a home away from home. Whether in the United States or overseas, time spent with host families is often some of the most rewarding moments of the tour.

5. How is CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES support financially?

CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES is a non-profit organization. Financial support comes from freewill offerings (21%), sales of recorded music and other products (10%), tour members' sponsorship (45%), gifts and investments (6%), and host family contributions of food and lodging (18%).

6. What does my sponsorship include?

Everything that makes the tour possible is figured into the overall tour amount. This includes concert outfits, domestic transportation, overseas tour airfare and administrative costs. Meals and housing are provided when not covered by the hosting church.

Your sponsorship does not cover transportation to and from the city of rehearsal camp or rehearsal camp lodging and meals (known as the "Rehearsal Camp fee"). Tour members are also responsible for their own health insurance, passport and personal expenses or "pocket money".

6. Does CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES have a religious affiliation?

We are an inter-denominational Christian ministry with the express purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our ministry in music offers the unique opportunity to bridge many religious, political and national boundaries.