If you have additional questions about CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES please email us or call our office toll free at 1-800-743-8687 and ask for the Booking Department.

1. What are the financial responsibilities for hosting one of your groups?

A confirmation fee of between $300 - $500 is standard, depending on the date booked. This fee is essential in meeting tour start up costs, which includes a complete promotion packet that will aid you in advertising the concert and is downloadable from the promotional resources section of our website. In addition to this, a free-will offering (or honorarium) is required and will be received on the date of the concert to cover daily tour expenses.

2. How does housing the team work?

It's pretty simple, really. Team members are housed with families from the church (or hosting organization). The number of people to be housed will vary from group to group. Specific housing information will be mailed to the host three to four weeks prior to the concert, but to get an approximate number in advance contact our office. Due to the rigorous concert schedule, quality rest is needed each evening. Therefore, sleeping bags and/or blankets on the floor are not appropriate. We ask that each team member be able to sleep in a bed or on an air matress.

3. How are meals handled?

Typically a host will make a hot meal available to the team a couple of hours before the concert, for their dinner. Breakfast is usually provided in the homes of the host families, though it can also be at the church before the team departs. Lunch is generally given to the team in the form of sack lunches sent with the team. Variations of this can be discussed by contacting our office.

4. Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes! Each of our groups bring their own sound and lighting equipment.

5. What if we have a small stage, can we still host a concert?

Yes! Although the ideal set-up requires the stage to be 20 feet long by 15 feet deep, our groups are very flexible and can adapt the set-up to fit your stage.

6. Does CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES have a religious affiliation?

We are an inter-denominational Christian ministry with the express purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our ministry in music offers the unique opportunity to bridge many religious, political and national boundaries.