What others are saying...

"I've had the privilege of working with The CONTINENTALS on their albums, and as a guest artist at their rehearsal camps. I appreciate the fact that they remain unique in their spirit of dedication and ongoing desire for excellence in all they do. To me, The CONTINENTALS are one of the premier ministries for young people to express Christ through music."

Sandi Patty
INO Records Recording Artist
Longtime friend of The CONTINENTALS

" I love The CONTINENTALS! I've had the privilege of performing as guest artist at their rehearsal camp, and I've seen them in action. I appreciate their dedication. They really work hard! To me, The CONTINENTALS is one of the premier ministries for talented young people who want to grow musically and spiritually, while expressing Christ through music."

Mark Lowry
Word Recording Artist
Longtime supporter of The CONTINENTALS

"Through The CONTINENTALS I learned the necessity of spiritual and artistic discipline - the foundation of any effective ministry in contemporary Christian music. I can honestly say that The CONTINENTALS is one of the most important spring boards available for anyone considering a future in music ministry."

Wayne Watson
SPRINGHILL Music Company Recording Artist/Producer
Former Continental Tour Director

"If I were able to recommend a program where young musicians could grow musically and spiritually, it would definitely be The CONTINENTALS. I have met young people from all parts of the world who have been involved in The CONTINENTALS and consistently, they have replied that being a part of the ministry is a life-changing experience. Having met The CONTINENTALS on the road and shared with them in concert, I have been blessed by the powerful Christ-centered program they present and the friendships I have established as a result."

Babbie Mason
Word Recording Artist
Longtime supporter of The CONTINENTALS

"Touring with The CONTINENTALS was a vital part in the development of my career as a producer, musician, writer and engineer, and in my spiritual growth. The experiences from the three tours I participated in will be cherished memories for the rest of my life."

Bryan Lenox
Dove Award Winner

"During my summer with The CONTINENTALS, I found people who believed in what I wanted to do; it gave a spiritual focus to my future touring and recording along with my band (three of them were with The CONTINENTALS). For anyone considering a future in music ministry, I recommend The CONTINENTALS as a great starting point."

Steve Taylor
Warner/Alliance Recording Artist
Former Continental

"My summer with The CONTINENTALS helped equip me for my future in the music industry. It broadened my vision for the way that Christian music can impact people's lives. For young people who want to get started in Christian music, I recommend The CONTINENTALS."

Paul Smith
Star Song Recording Artist
Former lead singer with the Imperials


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