Currently, CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES is preparing for hands on ministry work. We will tour across North America and overseas into the heart of a desperate world as short-term missionaries presenting the musical message of God's love to all people. Each group travels to a different region of North America. Most CONTINENTAL tours also spend 2-3 weeks on another continent such as Europe, Asia and South America. Since 1967, we have been invited to some 76 countries including the Peoples Republic of China and the former Soviet Union. We went in partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ taking the Jesus Film Project into India, Africa and South America. We also raised funds for thousands of hungry children in Africa and Brazil along side of World Vision International, and have raised thousands of cures for people with leprosy in our work with American Leprosy Mission. Currently, we are in partnership with Compassion International sharing our love, prayers, and support with boys and girls living in poverty.

Rehearsal Camp...
Your tour begins with a short but intense training. You will be instructed by industry professionals in voice, instrumentation, choreography and dance. You will rehearse and study daily with your tour director and team leaders.

At camp you will be instructed and encouraged in an effective quiet time. This, along with the group Bible studies will keep you immersed in prayer and God's Word.

On The Road...
Every day you will travel to a new concert site and set up for the concert that you will perform that evening. On Sundays you will have the privilege of performing in morning and evening concerts. Wherever you are, you will become immersed in the live and culture of the churches and communities, both through joining your host family who has volunteered to feed and house you and through the rigorous schedule of daily concerts and ministry where you will give your all.

Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." (Mark 16:15, NIV)


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