Vocal & Technical Ministry (ages 8 - 12)

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
I Timothy 4:12


The Continental Kids program welcomes children of all levels of vocal and musical experience. No previous experience is necessary.  The Continental Kids program has been a music performance and educational program for children 8-12 years old. Whether the child is new to singing, or is looking to gain performance experience and furthering his or her musical skills, this music program is fun, and will build confidence and self-esteem through excellence and worship! Ben Hernandez, Continental Kids Ventura County:"I have seen the group grow and with seeing that growth personal rewards have brought to my life. It has been hard work; but the blessings and rewards are many.  I have seen kids’ lives changed, families more devoted to this ministry and support of the program, as well as the incremental support of the community, schools and churches.  But up most, I have seen CK casts starting to apply their talents in music-vocally or choreography – back to their own schools and churches. It is then that I realize how fortunate I am to be associated with a group like the Continental Kids."

Continental Kids Pictures -- EL PASO, TEXAS CONTINENTAL KIDS 2006
Continental Kids Pictures -- VENTURA, CALIFORNIA CONTINENTAL KIDS 2007
Continental Kids Pictures -- LATIN CONTINENTAL KIDS 2007

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To apply to be a Continental Kids Director click on the application link below. You will need to print the application and it's recommendations and return these materials to our office at the address below.

Continental Singers
P.O. Box 6972
Ventura, CA 93006-6972

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1. CK changes lives.
2. CK sessions offer performing arts training for children ages 8-12.
3. CK offers a solution to the arts funding shortfall that exists in the public schools.
4. CK offers positive peers for our children.
5. CK offers positive adult role models for our children.
6. CK builds lifetime friendships.
7. CK keeps good kids good.
8. CK never turns a child away.
9. CK teaches children life lessons.
10. CK builds confidence in children/youth.
11. CK supports the family unit.
12. CK builds character in children/youth.
13. CK brings the arts to all neighborhoods.
14. CK is part of an international ministry – The Continental Singers.
15. The Continental Singers have been honoring the performing arts for 40 years!
17. CK Tour-sessions perform throughout the community.
18. Children enrolled in the ARTS do better in school.
19. Children enrolled in the ARTS are more likely to attend college.
20. Children involved in the ARTS become confident, considerate, pro-social, pro-civic individuals.

Audio Clips
The following are sample songs from the Continental Kids program.

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Continental Kids - Glendora, CA
Michelle Croce

Continental Kids - Greenville, NC
Special Choir in Cooperation with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)
Cheryl Greene

Continental Kids - San Juan, PR
Sponsored by The Latin CONTINENTALS
Maribel Mendez


Note: The Continental Kids is a developing program within the Continental Singers organization. If you are interested in
receiving more information about this exciting new program, simply email or call us at
1-800-481-SING (7464), and give us your information, particulary your area of interest (your child's participation
or your desire for leadership), we will send you further information.


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