The Jeremiah People
Musical Theatre Ministry - Comedy & Drama
(ages 20 and up) 10 Month Commitment

There is a saying, "Music touches the soul." In addition, Drama and Theatre provide a different perspective to the commonplace, challenging the audience to confront previously unaddressed issues. With the exact fusion of the two medias, the Jeremiah People effectively present a powerful message that ministers to the soul, while providing an unusual perspective to today's life issues affecting both Christians and non-believers.

The Jeremiah People have wowed audiences for nearly 30 years with their unique style of music, laughter and drama. In their years of ministry service they have brought hard-hitting gospel presentations to millions, healing to families, inspiration to youth, and loving hearts to elderly. Jeremiah People perform in churches, theatres, and auditoriums in nearly 45 states in the nine months that they are commissioned.

The mission of the Jeremiah People is to inspire the church, energize the family and challenge believers and non-believers alike with the message of Hope found in Jesus Christ. With their Broadway-style full-length musicals, humorus sketches, professional choreography, and powerful voices, the Jeremiah People truly present a performance for all ages.

Under the production management of Colin Hearn and the direction of Nathan Mahy, the Jeremiah People will be ministering all across America again this season. The 2005-2006 season is entitled "My Rules of Engagement", written by Sandy Brownlee of New York and with accompaniment by Dave Lemieux of Colorado. We will be looking at some of the issues that today's families are faced with. The story revolves around the relationship between a father and his daughter.

Dan Hollister knows sports. He knows the workouts... he knows the strategies... he knows the rules. To him, sports is a metaphor for life -- and on that grand gridiron, you give 100% to please your coach. That, of course, would be God. Yes, Dan Hollister knows sports. What he doesn't know is the adorable, frustrating, bewildering creation that is his daughter -- Danielle Elizabeth Hollister. From the moment
she grabbed his finger as a pink, wiggly newborn, he fell hopelessly in love. Somehow he would protect her from all the harm, keep her from foul trouble, and get her to the end of the game, unscathed. That's when the "Playbook" was born. God had given him the Bible and the NCAA -- and between the two of them he created the perfect plan for raising his daughter, this is, until now. Dani's returned from college with not one, but 2 rivals for her hand... and Dan is going to make sure his little girl makes the right choice.

With a wife dreaming of a wedding and a meddling mother-in-law who refuses to act her age, Dan becomes desperate. Can they see... when it comes to a choice between a tattooed, ear-ringed graphic artist and a muscled young Viking who plays three sports -- it's no contest!? But which one will Dani choose -- and will the bond between Father and Daughter survive "My Rules of Engagement?"

With a remarkable playwrite, original music, and a powerhouse cast, this musical is a "must see"!

The group is comprised of six talented actors and three support staff who, in addition to surviving a selective auditioning process, have committed ten months of their lives to taking this message on the road.

Here are just a few of the comments from those who have seen The Jeremiah People:

"Your ministry here was outstanding. The message was clear, the presentation professional. It was an opportunity for us to reach out to our community. I apprecaited the great communication that surrounded the ministry of the Jeremiah People here and look forward to having you minister here again next year!" - Jerry Scott, Pastor, Washington Assembly of God of Washington, NJ

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your concert was heart-stirring, thought-provoking and truly God-Blessed... Particularly pleasing to me was seeing 1st graders laughing right along with their parents, grandparents smiling (even slipping out a chuckle or two), and teens totally transfixed by the message you relayed to us." - David Keithly, Associate Pastor, Union Church of La Harp, IL

"10 - 10 - 10 What else can be said? Bar none, the best thing to come our way in a long time. Thank you for the ministry of Jeremiah People!" - Jeff Knighton, First Christian Church, Independence, KS

"This group really knows how to minister. They have a knack of looking into the family that is both humorous and penetrating. I took my family and they all loved it!" - Wayne Watson, Recording Artist

The Jeremiah People's season begins in the Fall and goes through the end of Spring the following year. You could be a part of this exciting ministry!

Email us HERE if you are interested in hosting a Jeremiah People concert.
(Click HERE to find them in concert)

Email us HERE if you are interested in auditioning for a position with The Jeremiah People. (Performing positions for JP are typically filled by actors/actresses who have already traveled as vocalists with The Continentals)


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