Have you attended one of our 2007 concerts?

If so, we'd love to hear from you!


"Last night our church sponsored the first performance of your new Worship Band. I was not able to attend but have heard numerous comments about the high quality of the program. I am writing to you as the custodian of the church to thank you for the behavoir of the members of the group. They were here for about a day and a half rehearsing, meeting, praying together, and just 'hanging out.' At all times we felt their sense of respect for our buiding and our staff. The dressing rooms, restrooms, halls and sanctuary were all left clean and orderly. With so much equipment to set up and tear down, it is amazing to me that nothing was left behind and nothing was damaged or misplaced. These comments are coming from a skeptical, cynical old fogey. I traveled with groups like this as a sponsor when I was younger and I truly appreciate the way your group members conducted themselves. You may not know that not all traveling groups behave that way, and when they do, it really makes an impression. Thank you, Continentals, for your dedication to spreading the Gospel in this creative form."
Phil ~ Shawnee, Kansas (after seeing The Continental Worship Band)

"They were all so energetic about spreading the word through their music and dance.
And I enjoyed seeing the drama to the song 'Mirror' that was great. I also liked the song
'Don't Touch That Temple' that was so awesome. The words were great. I could also go on and on
about tons of other songs I liked but there are just so many. The songs all had powerful messages
in them that I needed to hear. Everyone on the team was so kind and talkative.
I really hope they come back soon!"

Nikki ~ Chehalis, Washington (after seeing The Young Continentals)

"I really appreciated the members of the band. They were very caring, loving, and concerned about us.
They served well. I guess I am older and did not always appreciate how loud the music was, but
I know younger people do, so it was ok. I apprecaited their emphasis on the spiritual side of the
concert. A number of people came for prayer, and that is good because they needed it.
It was difficult getting housing for the group this time.
I am not sure why, but it worked. Thanks for coming!
Cal ~ Wayne, Nebraska
(after seeing The Continental Worship Band)

"I could not get over that the girls we had were so polite and they found that we are people too.
I would like to have them come more often. They were so energetic. I learned a lot by just
having them to stay with us. Please see if you can come again!"

Phyllis and Tommy ~ Terre Haute, Indiana
(after seeing The Young Continentals)

Zach ~ Glendora, California
(after seeing The Young Continentals)

"Our family attended the Continental Worship Band concert yesterday, and hosted three musicians
at our home last night. The concert was AWESOME! Energizing, powerful, and wonderful
music. Matt, Megan, and Dave were wonderful houseguests...full of smiles and positive
energy. Looking forward to another Continentals experience next summer!"

Cindy ~ Lompoc, Callifornia (after seeing The Continental Worship Band)

"My wife Donna and I enjoyed this performance and was blessed by being able to hear the concert.
God bless all of you and what a wondeful freedom we all enjoy
to have this Gospel spread all over the world."

Jack ~ Prescott, Arizona
(after seeing The Young Continentals)

"The young people work really hard, and it's a very impressive show.
Brings joy, laughter, and tears all in an hour! What a blessing these youth are!"

Michele ~ Wethersfield, Connecticut
(after seeing The Young Continentals)

"I have just returned home from an event performed by the Young Continentals. It was one of the most moving musical experiences that I have had the pleasure of attending. I had the honor of finding housing for the group and, after I had enjoyed the performance, I felt blessed to be of service to such an outstanding group of young performers. I will be one of your fans for some time to come!"
Rick & Cindy ~ Toledo, Ohio (after seeing The Young Continentals)

"I just loved the play DEAR DIARY so much! It made me cry a lot because I had
a lot in common with the play. May God bless you all and all who are a part of the Jeremiah People."

Jasmine ~ Pasco, Washington (after seeing The Jeremiah People)

"They were great! I can't wait to tour with them this summer!"
Jaelee ~ California (after seeing The Young Continentals)

"It was so amazing! If there was anything that could inspire me to take hip-hop, that would have been it.
I laughed during the funny parts, almost cried during the dramatic parts, and clapped along to the music.
I was even more excited to see my best friend performing on stage!"

Sarah ~ Moreno Valley, California (after seeing The Young Continentals)

"I really enjoyed the concert and I could watch it again. They were all in step and that made it
so special. Also, my granddaughter is singing with them. This is her first time doing something like
this. She is getting to see some country she has never seen before and going to Africa is
going to be really great. The whole group were very well mannered and real nice to be around.
I know they worked very hard to get all the moves and singing together and it was all worth it."

Pat ~ Red Oak, Iowa (after seeing The Continentals)

"I am a four time ex-con (84,86,92,94) who will be a con for life!!! 
Tour A and the 40th celebration All Over The World was an awesome,
praise filled, MEMORY filled concert that was well worth the 3 hour round trip to see!
  I left for basic training for the US Army the next morning, and the concert was a wonderful way
to end my last day before a new adventure! I celebrate with you on all God has done
over all these years, and will continue to support the wonderful cause of spreading
the Good News "All Over The World."  I am already planning a tour with the Encore Continentals
in the next couple of years while I am on a three week leave! 
God Bless to all and my deepest love to The Continentals!"

Tim ~ Buena Vista, Colorado (after seeing The Continentals)

"I had the opportunity to enjoy Tour A. I had a wonderful evening worshipping with them.
I had a chance to speak to several of them before the concert and was delighted to talk
with the director after the concert was over. I continue to pray for them, their health and safety
and the mission coming up before them. May God continue to bless them!"

Cindy ~ Gooseneck, South Carolina (after seeing The Continentals)

"What a GREAT concert! My family and I loved both nights. We were lucky enough to house
some of the kids both nights and really enjoyed ourselves! The kids have great energy and an
obvious heart for the Lord. Thank you for blessing us with this wonderful group of kids."

Shela ~ Redmond, Oregon (after seeing The Young Continentals)

"Just a quick note to say that this was one of the best overall Con concerts we have seen.
Really loved the worship music and felt we could sing along with the rest of the 'oldies'.
Sometimes in the past the 'dancing' was more overwhelming and distracting that being able to listen to
the music/songs. NOT this year!!! It was a pleasure and I would recommend it to anyone. Our church will
have one of the groups in November. Keep up the good work!!"

Ginny ~ Barnesville, Georgia (after seeing The Continentals)

"I thought the concert was awesome!
This is a great ministry to be involved with and I am so excited that I am going on tour
in the summer. I would love to see them in concert again sometime."

Sabrina ~ Vandergrift, Pennsylvania (after seeing The Continentals)

"The Jeremiah People performed at my church on Wednesday, March 7.
I am writing to say how wonderful they were. It was a real blessing to have them. I pray that
the Lord blesses your ministry abundantly, and continues to bring you the talent and
resources you need to serve Him. God bless you all and thank you for your service to the Lord.
Mark ~ Dunkirk, New York (after seeing The Jeremiah People)

"You were sensational! Hope you come back again!
God be with you as you travel to Africa. You will be in my prayers and thoughts."

Frances ~ Hudson, New Hampshire (after seeing The Continentals)

"My husband and I really enjoyed the music...the spiritual energy as well as the
physical energy of a lot of the songs was truly amazing! Two of the singers shared their backgrounds
and a little bit of what God had done in their lives. That was beautiful and very real. It brought tears to my eyes. I also loved the fact that the girls and guys appeared down to earth, there were no plastic smiles
or overly made up faces on the girls. Did I mention that they all did a great job singing too?"

Chris ~ Hudson, New Hampshire (after seeing The Continentals)

"I loved how the program gave the history and had many different styles.
I also liked how there are many different songs from the past put into one."

Kim ~ Marion, Indiana

"I saw the concert in Thousand Oaks and enjoyed it.
I like the new format with congregational participation."

Garnett ~ CA

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