Continental Worship Band


Continental Worship Band


The Continental Worship Band

Program Length: Approx. an hour and a half
Style of Music: A blended mix of worship songs and features
Specifically Geared For: Those eager for an authentic and real worship experience

What You Can Expect:

  • If the church is to regain relevance with and connect to our rapidly, radically changing culture, it must pioneer new forms of worship and innovative worship experiences.  Continental Worship Band is available to join with the local church to assist with this and usher in an experience of worship in the best traditions of The Continentals.  Highly influenced by audience participation, this interactive and intimate time will lead the worshipper into a close fellowship with God.

More than Music...
When the word "WORSHIP" is mentioned, music is what primarily comes to mind.  We've all heard the expression, "I loved the worship" when almost everytime what is really being said is "I loved the music".  The more you look at what the Bible has to say about worship, the more you begin to realize how little music has to do with real and authentic worship.  It is the prayer and desire of Continental Worship Band to see worship  - and worship gatherings - change from primarily singing to something a lot more holistic and a lot more biblical.  By using new and innovative worship expressions such as more emcompassing of all the arts, and by designing the service to be more participatory than passive, Continental Worship Band unites with those gathered to take worship beyond music to a true encounter with God.

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