Continental Kids


Continental Kids


Continental Kids



The Continental Kids

Program Theme: "All Over the World "
Program Length: Approx. an hour and a half
Style of Music: Contemporary Christian - age appropriate to children ages 8-11
Specifically Geared For: The entire family

What You Can Expect:

  • This local-based ministry is giving children between the ages 8-11 the opportunity to grow in their skills while advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through the performing arts.  Continental Kids work on their concert program through intense 3-4 month sessions preparing an experience with a powerful theme and message.  Their sincere testimony and innocent hearts combine to provide their audiences with laughter, tears, encouragement and a musical experience not to be forgotten.

  • A concert program utilizing all the arts - singing, dancing, acting, visual and technical arts - all uniting together for a fun concert experience the whole family will enjoy.

All Over the World... "And a little child shall lead them... "
In 2007, Continental Kids are learning through their session leaders that God's spirit is moving with power ALL OVER THE WORLD.  With renewed awareness being taught to them of the role that missionaries and the church play in advancing the gospel, Continental Kids are being equipped through bible study and instruction that they are the next generation ready to inherit the work of the Lord.  These talented bunch of children need a platform to use in order to understand their role in evangelism and encouraging "the saints"... perhaps your church or community organization can make this possible for them?

If you or someone you know is interested in information regarding how to establish a Continental Kids program in your community, please contact our National Office at 800-481-7464 or email us.  We'll be happy to share with you all the details on how this program can become a part of your communities efforts to change this world through the lives of children.

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