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The Jeremiah People

Program Theme: "Family Snaps "
Program Length: Approx. an hour and a half
Style of Music: Broadway-Style Musical Theatre
Specifically Geared For: Entire F amily


  • A musical about the drama and comedy of family, friends, marriage and commitment. By Paul McCusker.
  • Meet the Bailey Family: Jim and his wife Charlie, and their sons David and Mark. Jim, a well-intentioned husband and father who tries to keep his family from drifting apart. Charlie, a busy mother and wife who finds it hard to cope with the fast-changes coming upon her life. David, facing college and a marriage and wondering how he'll cope. Mark, struggling against the pressures of high school while trying to decide his future. They're a family in trouble -- though it takes a few family visits to a ram-shackle cabin in the mountains to understand that their lives have taken a wrong turn somewhere, and what it takes to make their way back.

In the end ...
Family Snaps is a musical exploring the humor and heart-felt conflicts of marriage, communication between men and women, and how one generation affects the next, for better or worse. Realistic and insightful, Family Snaps captures the foibles of family relationships with all it's heart and stuggles. Ultimately, beyond their evasions and denials, the Baileys come face-to-face with the grace that binds them together. Fortunately for them, an eccentric-yet-charming elderly neighbor, Aunt Matty, brings wisdom to their conflicted lives. You'll laugh and you'll cry because you'll recognize your own family in these characters and their situation.

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