So You're Thinking about Booking One of Our Groups?

Great! We'd love to come and be with you! Continental Ministries has a strong spiritual emphasis that can be seen in the lives of our tour members. Through tour they have a remarkable opportunity to expand their skills through a variety of music performance groups. Each group is by audition only and is available for booking throughout the year.


For booking information, please contact our National Booking Department at 800-743-8687.

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Ages 16-28

Continuing to set a standard of musical and Christian excellence, a tour with The Continentals builds the foundational ground for hundreds of young people each year to see their world and discover their purpose. Presenting a high-powered contemporary Christian program, The Continentals often travel abroad to the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Australia, the South Pacific, the Caribbean as well as coast-to-coast U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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Ages 12-15

The Young Continentals are setting the standard and raising the expectations of young teens in ministry here and around the world. Their ministry reaches their peers for Christ helping define choices, attitudes and morals in a musical message filled with overwhelming energy. This ministry also includes two Performing Arts School tours for homeschoolers.

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Ages 21 and up

From Gen Xers to gymn teachers, from students to seniors, from parents to professionals, moms, dads, dentists, pastors, and teachers embark on this life-changing opportunity. Performing the best in Christian music, from an adult perspective, the Encore Continentals are designed to share the Gospel through a powerful music program, creative movement, and testimony based on life experience.

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Ages 18-25

Our comedy/drama troop is comprised of seven talented actors and dancers. Each year they produce the very best in Broadway-style, contemporary Christian musicals. For over 25 years they have traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada introducing and encouraging drama in a Christian setting. The audition process is extremely selective meaning that some of the best young Christian performers are on stage and right on track utilizing the power of drama and music.

Continental Worship Band


Ages 16-28

Consisting of about 10-12 people, this select band has accepted the challenge to travel further, to work harder, and to reach higher in their mission to lead worshippers. Churches will encounter a blend of current praise songs, original material, the worship songs of yesterday, and  the elements of spoken word and personal testimony that have made Continental concerts so effective during 40 years of music ministry!

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Ages 8-11

This local-based program allows children to take the mic and teach us about God's word through singing, dancing, acting and visual and technical arts, all in the tradition of excellance that you have come to expect from Continental Minitries.
This program may not be available in all areas, please contact our National Office for more information.

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