1. Two contrasting vocal solos, of varying tempos, with accompaniment. (Accompaniment can be live or recorded. If you are in need of an accompaniment track click here.) Please use songs which demonstrate your appropriate vocal range and are contemporary in style.

2. Scales and or vocal exercises demonstrating your range.


1. Two, or preferably three selections (solo pieces, excerpts, etudes, hymn arrangements) of varying tempos showing interpretation and dynamic range, tone quality and overall ability.

2a. Wind Instrumentalists: Scales or exercises showing range and technique.

2b. Rhythm Section - See note below*.

*NOTE: Emphasis for piano, guitar and percussion auditions should be placed on playing various styles, plus improvisation and ability to play "fills", as well as performing from notated music. Most of the music in the rhythm section is done from chord charts. Additional note for piano/keyboard auditions: In addition to players who read "charts", we do desire classically-trained players as well (those who read primarily or exclusively from notated music).

**NOTE TO ALL VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL AUDITIONS: A recital tape or a previously prepared demo tape will often be acceptable. It is not necessary to go to a professional studio to prepare your tape. Please call or email our office if you have any concerns or questions regarding your audition tape.

Auditions may be on cassette tape, CD, or VHS video. If you choose, you may also e-mail* your audition to Please remember that all positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. It is important that you audition right away.

Send all audition materials to

P.O. BOX 6972

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